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Usually rodents aren't my thing, but this is a Mouse with a tiny teddy bear! The mouse even sleeps curled up with a tiny teddy bear at night!

I dont care what anyone says. this baby mouse is adorable!

A tiny baby mouse.such small creatures never cease to amaze me.it shows that God cares about all of us, no matter how small or insignificant we may feel.

[CasaGiardino] ♡ Love at first snuggle. Some mice...mostly noble rats making themselves loved and indispensable.

And So The Cats Fell In Love With The Mice...

Tutorial: Cardboard Food Puzzle | serribrat's pet rat page

Tutorial: Cardboard Food Puzzle

Animals that Start With D - (Dormouse) This small and cute creature belongs to the rodent family and was found in Europe. 29 species of this mouse are present worldwide and are mostly known for the long periods of hibernation in the cold months. It can grow to 25 cm long and that is depending on which species belongs and can move easily without being noticed. #AnimalsthatStartWithD #Dormouse

25 Spectacular Animals that start with the Letter D

Rats, little known fact: rats imprint on things and people they Love and are known to follow their humans around :) AW, i don't care if they are rats

Too mainstream..

Funny pictures about Rodent cuteness. Oh, and cool pics about Rodent cuteness. Also, Rodent cuteness photos.

baby harvest mouse...so cute.  Never understood why people are afraid of such cute little creatures.

Make one special photo charms for your pets, compatible with your Pandora bracelets. baby harvest mouse, recently saved one from my cat and I'm now keeping until he or she can walk properly, there name is pip