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Princess Diana

July Diana and her boys on holiday with the Al Fayeds, St Tropez, French Riviera.

April 17, 1994: Princess Diana and her boys, Prince William & Prince Harry at Alton Towers Theme Park.

Princess Diana wearing a Philadelphia Eagles jacket - with William and Harry and friends on a splash park ride

DIANA. Back off !!!

Bodyguard Ken Wharf struggles with photographer as Diana looks on.

Diana Frances — duchessofavalon: Princess Diana 13/❅

Diana Frances — duchessofavalon: Princess Diana 13/❅

Princess Diana et fils au Alton Towers Theme Park, Alton, Staffordshire _ Avril 1994

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April Princess Diana with Prince William, Prince Harry and school friends on the log-flume water ride at Alton Towers Theme Park, Staffordshire, West Midlands.

Conspiracy photo. Some think that Diana was pregnant there at the end and thus the need to run and hide from photographs, which lead to the chase that ended her life.

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PRINCESS DIANA AND PRINCE WILLIAM 1997, sad that she would be dead not long after this

November 28 1996 Diana took William for a modish new haircut in Kensington, London

captainwalesaddict: “ Prince Harry and his mummy!!! ”

captainwalesaddict: “ Prince Harry and his mummy!!! ”

William with his mother Princess Diana who died tragically in a car accident in Paris in 1996, when he was 15-years-old

Prince William speaks movingly about the loss of Princess Diana

Update: Princess Diana circa Princess Diana helped see Wills off as he went on a skiing trip . I think this was 1992 and William went to Switzerland (see Prince William: earlier years board for a photo of William skiing in Switzerland

June 28, 1984: Princess Diana at a polo match, Cirencester, Gloucestershire.

June Pregnant with Prince Harry, Princess Diana attends a polo match in Cirencester, Gloucestershire. Wearing blue pants, a white blouse and pink sweater.

Princess Diana and Prince Harry

Princess Diana and Prince Harry