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Did you know that Sable antelopes are on the list of nationally endangered species in Kenya and KWS is keen on seeing that a national conservation strategy is developed to guide all efforts to conserve the species for posterity.

Sable Antelope of Africa

Sable Antelope of Africa

Addax Antelope

has an x on face like an oryx but addax's horns are spiral and oryx's are straight.


Gemsbok is an oryx. Oryx species pefer near desert conditions. All have dark faces and straight horns except the scimitar oryx. Both female and males have horns.

Top 10 Most Elegant Antelope Species of the African Bushveld | Africa Freak Blog. Male Nyala

Top 10 most elegant antelope species of the African bushveld - Africa Freak

Sable antelope

Sable antelope