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My sketch of a panda

Disney Sketch - Stitch aww so sad! @Teagan Suminski Suminski Suminski Suminski Clegg

My sketch of a creepy a scary clown

cool easy art drawings - Google Search

Chibi panda with Cute little Racoon! - Sketchfu <<< This is a red panda. They are the most adorable creatures on the planet earth and are, in fact, more closely related to racoons than bears. They spend most of their time in the trees, eating and sleeping. They eat bamboo, similarly to their Giant panda friends.

Daily Doodles 21-30 :

Adorable! Most people say Micky Mouse is who started Disney and I couldn't agree more. But I also feel like this bear is a forgot Disney original in the mix of mouse and princesses and pixie dust. I love how cute and simple this art is

Art class ideas: parrots

Tons of easy tutorials on this site for drawing animals and other stuff too!