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something my oc would say if he was in that situation

Xavier always seems to say the wrong things at the wrong times.

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25 Dad Texts That Broke the Internet uGH when im becoming closer with someone i always try talking to them with our inside jokes but i feel like it gets annoying to them :/?

i smiled to myself before responding that her night in shining armor was coming. only Violet would get stuck talking to the Royal beekeeper and be too polite to leave.

Why do I feel like this could easily be me?<< don't you mean why do I feel like this could easily BEE me?


Summary: Erin and her younger brother had a great family, perfect even. That is until their mother up and left out of the blue when she was only 12. This resulted in their father's alcoholism, and in turn violent outbursts. Erin was forced to basically raise her brother, go to school, hold a job, and keep him from seeing their father get drunk. She endured getting yelled at and hit, all the while keeping her brother in the dark about their father.(Comments)

"Liv truly knew she was a lady as much as her sister was. But she was also a warrior, and she was going to fight.

"You really have a file called 'ethically questionable'?" Harvey laughed, watching Sean standing up. "Oh, there is a whole room full of files and they are all about you." Sean chuckled.

"You really have a file called 'ethically questionable'? "Oh, there is a whole room full of files and they are all about you.