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tv television dance dancing #gif from #giphy

tv television dance dancing from

haha Domics

25 Prom Dance Moves For The Rhythmically Challenged

whoa, this is pretty amazing. spiderman dances to the beat in any song that plays. try it! :0   *tries AOT theme* oh my gawd

Directions: Click the GIF, turn on some music, watch Spider-Man dance to any song you play, and laugh for the rest of your life.>>>>>How does this magically work? I am listening to roar by Katy perry.>>>I guess spidey likes little mix

Try it with any song… i just tried it with Aerosmith's Dream On. this pictures statement is FALSE!

Try it with any song…

update: I tried with all my songs and yes I know it doesn't work with every song. I just think it works if you play the song on time or it works with some sort of upbeat song. But yea, it doesn't work perfectly like you would expect.