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Nonostante alcuni tentativi, Forlì non ha saputo riproporre, in tempi recenti, un suo proprio Palio. Eppure accadde che un giorno si vide un cavaliere vestito come un pesce... Qualche cronaca dalle feste barocche all'ombra di San Mercuriale.

Ipotesi per un palio a Forlì

2 pc red rose silk prom corsage , silk wedding corsage. You can order this through the website, or you can find us on Facebook www.honestlysweetgifts.com

Red and white roses with silver ribbon, pearl wristlet , ribbon & pearl train and black feathers for that era look.

His-elfness-himself by ~Adarion on deviantART

Taken on a LARP in Thuringia last spring. Based on my DSA (the dark eye) woodelf P & P character which I play for about 12 years now (the p & p char).

LAYERING. The key to absolutely AMAZING larp garb is multiple layers of costume.

Nice looking LARP Costume i love how the doc martens are paired with this outfit! it doesnt bother me at all and look really in character!

Erin, a Medieval, Gothic, Renaissance, Larp, Pagan, Pre-Raphaelite Custom Made…

Gowns Pagan Wicca Witch: Erin Medieval Gown, by frockfollies. ~~ I truly love this style . If only I had a place to wear something like this daily. Maybe I should open a Victorian shop so I could dress up every day like this.

Agrippine: la cape que Néron reprendrait. / Costume designed by Francine Gaillard-Risler for Annie Ducaux in the 1961 production of Jean Racine’s Britannicus. From the Centre National du Costume de Scene via Fripperies and Fobs.

Bouquet of Flowers Pearl and Rhinestone Tiara ...to wear while I am doing housework with the birds ;D

Rhinestone Tiara - Bridal Tiara - Bouquet of Flowers (Crystal and Pearls) Rhinestone Tiaras - Bridal Tiara - Tiaras - Pageant Tiara - Pageant Tiara - Tiara and Crowns - Crowns - Rhinestone Bridal Tiara