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hehe this is @Sawyer Pittenger @Hannah Peterson and me....xc

"They said I couldn't do it. They said the road was too long, the journey too arduous. They were wr-- Oh. Hang on." Motivational poster from Runner's World- love it. I guess I'm just tired of inspirational quotes :)

I want to make some kind of honeybadger reference.... no luck

T-rex hates push-ups. I hate push-ups.

i don't usually run, but when i do it's when i'm imagining Ryan at the end

"Hey Girl, run like Ryan Gosling is waiting for you at the finishline with a puppy. Keep going.

This makes me think of my husband..because he's the only person who would click like lol.

But they work. Burpees light, burpees with a clap push up, burpees clap push up and then jump up to a chin up sets of 15 of these and I'm Hating life but love the results. What ever kind just dare to take on the burpee.

obsessed is a word the lazy call the dedicated - Google Search

"Obsessed is a word the lazy use to describe the dedicated." - You've got to love thst quote! Don't let the naysayers dim yoir shine or pull down your work ethic.

Story of my life

How I'll feel tomorrow. I'm starting in Insanity work out. for the fourth time. Hopefully this time I can complete the first month.

My sweat is fat crying

Fitness motivation quote - sweat like a pig to look like a fox!


Last rep - Crossfit Memes


Jesus this is soooo me somedays.

You can do it!

it's not going to happen overnight. it's not going to happen overnight. it's not going to happen overnight.

 but seriously - go #squat !!!  #weilos

Hakuna Masquata it means nice booty for the rest of your days! - Tap the pin if you love super heroes too! you will LOVE these super hero fitness shirts!

true... and sometimes while I'm running ;)

This is true. You don't work out to have a good time. You work out to get your butt kicked and look/feel great.

You better exercise

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running motivation Archives - Motivational quotes and posters. Is it me but this is so funny

One of my favorite running quotes.

This is so true. I think its part of what's great about being a 'runner.' It's not like being a trobone player, where you have to be pretty good to tell people you are one. If you go running today, you are a runner.

Working out fitness

Change Workouts, Reap Benefits - runners high, my choice of drug