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(Hiddleston as Loki) Just going to be irresistible without trying while I melt the hearts of thousands of girls. A normal day in the life of Tom Hiddleston.

Oh god this made me laugh like crazy:

I was a little creeped- until I realized that the last on is Mister Hiddelstone twice. That cancelled out all the creepy. (smosh interview with Tom Hiddleston)

This is how I feel when I see Loki ;-;

How I Feel Today

Me: *looks up at him w/o readable expression* Loki: You hate me, too, don't you? Loki: I'm a frost giant. *hugs Loki* Loki: *so surprised he actually hugs back*

Ahahaha! Somewhere in the world, someone is misquoting Shakespeare. I can sense it.

Tom's Shakespeare-senses are tingling -- I love Tom Hiddleston so much

Tumblr, Tea and Tom... That's all I need

Ok this is a serious issue that Tom Hiddleston could be a serial killer and still be the most attractive man to ever step foot on this planet<<< mostly just for that comment but the eyebrow thing is super hot.

Ouch right in the feels.....

I think he thinks it's funny how NOT original Volstagg is (and that it's darkly funny that things haven't really changed). Because his reaction to Sif vs Volstagg is actually very different. -- I feel bad for Loki.

Killed 80 people, you say? Not likely!

Killed 80 people, you say? << one more bleach for Loki << Go Loki<-Yeah!