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In a world where supermarket aisles are stocked full of expensive sprays, cleaners, and devices to scrub a million different areas of your home, it’s nice to know that there are extremely useful hacks that can help cut down on costs. There are so many brilliant hacks that can make life easier, like using shaving cream to defog... View Article

12 Brilliant Dryer Sheet Hacks You’ve Never Heard Of Before

Pin for Later: 15 Genius Travel Hacks For On-the-Move Moms Anywhere: toss dryer sheets in your suitcases. Sweaty, stinky kid smells, be gone!

Can't get the smelly dog or cat urine smell out of the carpet? This method works! Spray area thoroughly with a mix of vinegar & water (50/50), blot to remove excess moisture, sprinkle a handful of baking soda over the area, and spray with a mix of hydrogen peroxide (3% - do not use any stronger) and mild dish detergent (ratio: 1/2 c peroxide to 1 tsp detergent). Scrub into carpet and let it dry.

Dog Urine: Clean & Remove Dog Urine in Carpet FREE Recipe I have to try this.my carpet cleaner didn't take away the smell!

In this post, these grandma's reveal their best cleaning secrets.

25 Housekeeping Secrets from Grandma You'll Regret Missing

In this post, these grandma's reveal their best cleaning secrets.

How to clean stove grates effortlessly

How to clean stove grates

How to clean stove grates effortlessly. Ammonia in a plastic bag cup per grate), let soak overnight or better outside on a sunny day. Rinse and clean with soapy water

Before and after: using hydrogen peroxide to remove yellow shirt stains from mens shirts © ShannonSorensen

How to whiten yellow shirt stains: Mix together 1 tbsp Dawn dish washing liquid, 2 tbsp hydrogen peroxide, and 2 tsp baking soda. Apply the mixture to the yellow area and scrub gently. Leave sit for two hours and launder as usual.

dorm room tips tricks - all helpful but the laundry cheat sheet might be the most useful

Neat idea

Put your phone in a glass to make the music loud enough to fill the room- TOTALLY WORKS! Just make sure the speaker is in the bottom of the glass so it can echo.

Who Knew - Aha uses for old things copy

WHO KNEW – AHA! Uses for Old things! These are simple solutions that have sitting right in front of our faces and WE NEVER KNEW! Love the marshmallow tip for sore throats. Who knew, right?