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I feel like one day theres going to be support groups for people with one direction addictions

The boys announcing the album over the years :')<<< the fact that I remember three out of four  makes me so happy

I wont lie, i cried. Like a whole bunch of tears flood my eyes and down to my cheeks. Words cant describe how much I love them, thankful for them and really really proud of them. Its been Nobody saves me the way you do.

Hey guys :) I'm starting a one direction group board so please comment if you want to be added. Hopefully the board can have a lot of members so please feel free to invite people to it :) thanks!

Can't wait to get some of the One Direction products at Office Depot.


One Direction Shows Us Their Style Onstage And Off

How you dooooinnn  One Direction

Swag swag swag on you, chillin by the fire while were eatin fondue!

That second pic tho..I feel like I'm looking at the 90s. Like bsb and 98degrees. Am I too old? Soz

That second pic tho.I feel like I'm looking at the Like bsb and Am I too old?

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Niall, Harry, Zayn, Louis, and Liam. One Direction sing their hearts out.

One Direction perform ‘Where Do Broken Hearts Go’ Live on The X Factor UK - Dec.