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11 Mysterious, Unusual Spots In Iowa You Never Knew Existed

From the largest meteor impact site in the world, to a cave that stays frozen all year round, these 11 mysterious and unusual spots in Iowa will leave you baffled...

Summer Camp in the Classroom...this is a great way to end the year...look over on the left hand side under "lesson plans" and click, you will find a ton of lesson plans for any subject. This is a real gem of a site!

Camp Zachary Taylor, Louisville, Ky., World War I training facility, opened Nov. 3, 1917 the largest Army Camp in the U.S.

Yellowstone National Park Rangers can Skype with Classrooms! All you have to do is e-mail to schedule a time…awesome!

Auschwitz Revealed: Auschwitz Greatest Mysteries and Famous Survivor Stories Unveiled (Auschwitz Concentration Camp, Holocaust, Jewish, History, Eyewitness Account, World War 2 Book 1)

The Best Audiobooks for Family Road Trips

Not just a long list of the best audiobooks for family road trips, but tips for finding audiobooks both kids and adults will love and enjoy. From history and biographies to classics and mysteries, these audibooks will make long road trips worth the time. Ad

The 6 Greatest War Heroes Who Got Screwed Out of History

Witold Pilecki, broke into Auschwitz to bring out stories of Nazi Atrocities.