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... care to walk with me in the mist and magic of the night... I'll make us a thermos of something to drink and we can talk and giggle and laugh right out loud and hear our voices echo through the mist and have a wonderful adventure... or we can drink a couple Angry Orchard's ... now there's a thought... ;-)

this is a typical scary forest path. it is foggy and there is creepy trees that have weird shapes (they are awesome). this path is the stuff of horror films, because it is scary beautiful.

Tête d'arbre

mrockstyle: Pink Floyd’s Tree of Half Life album cover art by Storm Thorgerson picture on VisualizeUs on imgfave

Sex in Nature

Mother Nature Photo: This Photo was uploaded by sourcepb. Find other Mother Nature pictures and photos or upload your own with Photobucket free image an.

redbrickfarmhouse:  Tree Cathedral, The Netherlands (via Tree Cathedral, The Netherlands | The Best Travel Photos)

SEASONAL – SUMMER – the sun's rays can barely reach the mossy terrain in the thick, green forest to create a tree cathedral effect in the netherlands, photo via becky.

i love trees.

Rain forest ~ Oahu This tree is amazing. I have had a soft spot for trees ever sine the day I first got glasses and realized how beautifully intricate trees are.

Breathtaking Landscapes

Funny pictures about Just a nighttime stroll through the woods. Oh, and cool pics about Just a nighttime stroll through the woods. Also, Just a nighttime stroll through the woods photos.


Run your cursor over this one! Moon shinning in night sky, behind the tree.but look there is a window with light on, so wonder if someone is at home? Love this night scene!

İstediğin ne idi? Ne yapmak istiyordun? Neye yüz tutmuştun?"       "Padişahlar padişahı, bir ağaç bulmak için beni seçti." dedi. "Dünyada eşi pek zor bulunur bir ağaç varmış. Onun meyvesinde ab-ı hayat gizli imiş." O ağacı yıllarca aradım. Sarhoşların alayından, beni maskara yerine koymaktan başka hiç bir belirtisini bulamadım."

Serenity: lying on your back on sun-warmed grass, staring into a lush green canopy, listening to the rustling of the leaves…