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This is so true...you find out what type of person you are...and if you arent the best it gives you opportunities to improve

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46 Quotes From Reddit That Will Change Your Life For the Better: Words can move you, make you happier, and motivate you.

46 Quotes From Reddit That Will Change Your Life For the Better

You CAN accomplish what you set your mind to!

A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity. An optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty. (Quote from Sir Winston Churchill)

10 ways to love

10 Ways to Love. More like 10 ways to live a happy and successful life though.

eat to meet long term goals, not short term satisfaction

Eat to meet long term goals not short team satisfaction. Chirothin can help you meet your weight loss and nutrition goals.

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I am looking for TEN people. But not just any ten people. I want 10 go-getters, 10 confident, aggressive, goal-driven trendsetters who aren't afraid to work hard to get what they want out of life.