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An illustration of Etowah plate 3 (Moorehead plate 1) discovered in Mound C at the Etowah Indian Mounds in Georgia, USA by Warren K. Moorehead. Reconstruction based on a fragmentary Mississippian repoussé copper plate, with missing parts extrapolated from similar plates also found at the site, digital illustration, Herb Roe © 2013.

Inside Lascaux Cave France: Ice Age Caves Very Few Can See Today

Hall of The Bulls, Lascaux Caves France. The five metre-long bulls, the graceful stags, the rutting bison, the very same prehistoric images discovered in 1940 that changed the history of art.

Combinophy Series

Combinophy Series Combinophy is a photography series made by Romanian graphic designer Cristiana Costin. After having captured daily life scenes she combines her analog photographs with digital illustrations transforming images into surreal settings. #xemtvhay

Horses, prehistoric painting, cave painting, about 15000 BC, Cueva de Tito Bustillo, cave near Ribadesella, replica, Parque de la Prehistoria de Teverga, Teverga, Park of Prehistory in Teverga, province of Asturias, Principality of Asturias, Northern Spai

Antique Iroquois Tribe? Stuffed Cloth Seed Beads Decorated Star Shaped Pincushion

Description: This is a beautiful, most likely handmade, antique star shaped stuffed cloth pincushion. These pincushions and other similar items were made by native American Tribes (Iroquois?) in Upsta

Captivating Sceneries Illustrations by Adrian Fernandez

Female Ballplayer Figurine The standing female ballplayer figurine shown above wears a helmet and ballgame glove and mushroom-inspired belt. Sacred mushrooms such as the Amanita muscaria, above on the right, were likely consumed before entering battle and before the ritual ballgame, enhancing one’s vision and strength as well as bravery to its wildest levels. The figurine is from the site of Xochipala, Mexico, in the western state of Guerrero, and dates to 1200-900 C.E.

"Wulfing Plate A", digital painting, Herb Roe © 2012. Avian themed Mississippian culture repoussé copper plate found near Malden, Missouri. Missing sections reconstructed by using bilateral symmetry of plate and from sections of other Malden style plates, as all of the plates are thought to have been made by the same workshop or artist.