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Whoa! Clippety Clop I like these!

Equine, Horse shoes for ladies high fashion fetish horse play?

I love the "heels"

Frontless Shoes - There is something missing with the experimental shoe designs by Annejet Kosters. the entire front! Her airy designs are sure to please those who.

Pin by Caryn Asherson on Kinda Creepy | Pinterest - Find 150+ Top Online Shoe Stores via http://AmericasMall.com/categories/shoes.html

High Heel Chicken Feet Shoes ---- funny pictures hilarious jokes meme humor walmart fails These are the perfect shoes to go see a chicken fight NOT!

to cos-play as a faun. sadly, I don't see any but the bravest of most dedicated narrow footed costumers doing this.

horse hoof shoes (but please not real horse hooves).i dreamed of this idea a couple years ago and keep seeing it visualized now. very fun.

You better take amorphous shoes like these sitting down.  If you are drinking, plan on staying a while.

Aminaka Wilmont Bizarre Black Shoes Its difficult to tell where this womans feet end and her shoes begin! This pair of platforms/heels/pieces of art were created by Londons Aminaka Wilmont. Its hard to imagine standing up straight in these unique shoes.

Because ducks are the only ones who should have duck faces!

Cruise Shoes hey u got he club heels and u got the diving flippers lol! what more u want hahahaha!

Adi Marom  Past ugly      For librarians so they don't have to use a step ladder

Adi Marom Past ugly For librarians so they don't have to use a step ladder