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“~ Make your life brighter ~ What matters most to you? ❤️ -Sydney”

Justin. the 10 min a day neither of us are working and I'm talkin to you on the phone is the best. makes my day soo much brighter & always puts me in a good mood!

The song "Firework" by Katy Perry exemplifies a metaphor. The lyric that says;" baby you're a firework" shows a direct comparison of two things

I know I do! You always were my angel; now you're with the others like you. Be happy & free, but please feel my love & remember me! Please meet Mommy at the bridge!

Stressed out people. Angry people. Insecure People. Controlling people. Narcissistic people. Stay away. They only try to put their energy into you because they are unhealthy, negative and have no coping skills. Keep boundaries.