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Cylinder Seal with a Nude Hero : In the Akkadian period, seal designs became more detailed. In the two scenes on this seal, a heroic figure with heavy beard and long curls holds off two roaring lions, and another hero struggles with a water buffalo. The inscription in the panel identifies the owner of this seal as "Ur-Inanna, the farmer." Date between 2350 and 2150 BC (Old Akkadian)


Rhineland, Germany, ca. 1450, terracotta, Mould | V&A "primarily used for making pastries for the special feast days of the Christian year, but were also used to make cheap metal reliefs to serve as pilgrimage badges and for decorating bells and mortars in bronze foundries"

Cylinder seal Near Eastern, Mesopotamian, Akkadian, Akkadian, 2334–2154 B.C. Sumero-Akkadian DIMENSIONS Legacy dimension: .27 x .15 mm.