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haha, thats funny....my booty is now officially too big for my skinny jeans due to all the squatting. had to switch to jeggings!

Spent months trying to wriggle in to leather motorbike jeans, now I'm squatting like mad so they don't fit.

From Paleoholic

No one can do the work for you, you have to do that part yourself. But what I can do is inspire, motivate,and support you in your journey to a new you!

YES. so accurate!  I don't mind looking like Robin!

haha i just love this episode so much! screw looking cute, you're at the gym to do a real work out. i totally see Robin's point

The calm before the storm

Video link to cooking chicken cacciatore / crossfit / paleo

Health benefits of whey protein

I make the best protein shakes with this powder! Love the strawberry with cup frozen strawberries, couple ice cubes and capful of almond extract or sf white choc syrup!


Healthy Motivation : Illustration Description Am I right or what? are developed as a result of your workouts & REVEALED as a result of your nutrition “The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person’s determination” ! -Read More –