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The cutest compilation you’ll see today…

The cutest compilation you’ll see today…

Gift Guide: The Cat Lady.

Gift Guide: The Cat Lady. get some yourself some pawtastic adorable cat apparel!

kitties be like "WAKE UPP!!!" " 5 more mins" "no know get up" *groans* "fine"

Went to my friend's house when...

I hate to be reminded that it is Monday !:( Wake me up when Friday comes wink emoticon wink emoticon wink emoticon ‪ Ahead! Get Up and keep the show going no matter if it's Monday Morning smile emoticon !

These Hilarious Cartoons Absolutely Nail What It's Like To Live With A Cat

Catsass writes: "Have you ever wondered what your kitty would say if he could speak? Catsass is here to tell you. Don't be fooled by its cute looks, this mean feline will tell you his

Pink ribbon - The Enchanted Cove

Kitty with a pretty pink ribbon around her neck. I could be that kind of kittie

wrong number texts

Check out these funny responses to wrong number texts in this funny Smosh gallery!

My fat cat would so try this if we gave him the chance, but we don't want fur all over our egg or for them to be squished

If It Fits I Sits

"If it fits.I sits" Cats have such an odd affinity for cramming themselves into ridiculous spaces.and loving it. My cat LOVES egg carton tops. He sits in them and them destroys them.

Every time I see this, I think of my now grown niece and the poor cat who put up with all of her "love" lol

Cat Humor: "Get adopted, they said. It will be fun, they said." A little girl squeezing a cat.