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georgehendrie: “My latest creation of my favourite record company ”

Dio (R.I.P.)

Also the angel statue in Chico Cemetary! "Angel of Grief," Rome Angel of Grief is an 1894 sculpture by William Wetmore Story which serves as the grave stone of the artist and his wife at the Protestant Cemetery, Rome.

Los Angeles-X-1980

X - Los Angeles Los Angeles is the debut album of the American punk rock band X, released on April 1980 - oddly, I believe this is the anniversary of the LA Riots in 1992

Strange Fruit, a song by Billie Holiday, tells what really happened during this time and the way people saw it.

Strange Fruit Lyrics: Southern trees bear a strange fruit / Blood on the leaves and blood at the root / Black bodies swinging in the southern breeze / Strange fruit hanging from the poplar trees

Elvis Week 2013: Rare photos of Elvis Presley's many cars


The Magic Volkswagen Bus - The Who, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin The Beatles. My dream car is a VW van in pristine condition.

30 captivating historical photographs. "The way real men shave"? Wow.

30 captivating historical photographs that you need to see - Saved for the thylacine and picture of women in Afganistan