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Shawn Evens played Inspector Endeavour Morse in the prequel to Inspector Morse, in two series on british television entitled Endeavour

The Dynam­i­cally Reserved Duo: Lau­rence Fox as Detec­tive Sergeant James Hath­away and Kevin Whately as Inspec­tor Rob­bie Lewis

I love Inspector Lewis. Can't wait for the new episodes to come to PBS. May have to find my "other" sources, now that the new shows will be on British TV starting next week

Inspector Lewis: Pilot Through Series 6 at BBC Shop Fans of British mystery writing will love this collection of Inspector Lewis television dramas. Set and filmed primarily in Oxford, England, Inspector Lewis stars Kevin Whately as Detective Inspector Robert Lewis, and Laurence Fox as his cool, calculating partner, Detective Sergeant James Hathaway. Together with Clare Holman as Forensic Pathologist Laura Hobson, they tackle murder and mayhem in the seemingly idyllic academic haven of…

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