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Explore Coleus Main, Street Granville and more!

Pincushion Flower Flutter Deep Blue The Flutter series of pincushion flower has shorter stems and larger flowers than previous Scabiosa, so it makes a tidier, more attractive perennial garden.

Trifolium Limerick Estelle Trifolium repens Limerick trifolium offer a unique option when looking for component plants for combinations.

Silene Ray's Golden Campion This outstanding open-pollinated perennial features golden yellow to chartreuse foliage and hot fuchsia flowers in mid to late spring.

Sunflower Golden Bear Helianthus annunus 10 plus foot tall, single headed, bright golden yellow triple-full flower sunflower.

NGB Year of the Coleus: Main Street Rodeo Drive is a perfectly shaped, uniform variety that is heat tolerant, deer resistant, and Sun OR Shade!