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Looks like we are adding Rhode Island Reds to the flock per the little one's request!

Chicken Breeds - Rhode Island (red or white); generally easygoing, docile, winter-hardy, X-large brown eggs heavy lbs), common

Chickens! All great breeds, my favorites are the buff orpingtons, barred plymouth rocks and rhode island reds.

This is a Vintage chicken Breed poster given to you when You Order Baby Chicks. Would love to find one of these!

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Barred Rock Hen...available in large fowl and "bantam" (dwarf size, 1/2 to 1/3 size of standard chicken)

Right now we have rhode island reds, but we'd like to add some of these barred rock hens in the future, hubby likes them and I call them zebra chickens!

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Rhode Island Red chickens Note from pinner - When we had chickens they were Rhode Island Reds, because they lay browneggs.

Road Island Red: brown eggs, profuse layer, 6.5 lbs/ bantam 2 lbs & fairly docile.

Rhode Island Reds- A fantastic all rounder – great dual purpose heavy breed that makes a great table bird as well as a reliable layer of brown eggs. The ideal beginners bird: robust, friendly and calm and make productive backyard chickens

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Which Chicken Is Right For You

Hen -- Rhode Island Reds are tough birds, resistant to illness, good at foraging and free ranging and typically docile, quiet, and friendly. They are a traditional layer from the USA. Deep maroon feathers and yellow legs. Not to be confused with ISA Browns that are more brown and white. The RIR bantams are also good layers.

Hen -- Rhode Island Reds are tough birds, resistant to illness, good at foraging…

Pink Silkies. Yes it is real. My uncle use to raise birds and it

a color injection of food die they use to inject the egg. You can do it with any bird. It last until the bird looses its down and the feathers grown in.

Raising Chickens - Bantams

I love my sebrights! I've noticed that out of my whole flock of chickens my 6 little bantams are much braver and bolder that all my other chickens; auracana's, Wyandotte's, and Rhode island reds)

Someday when I have my chicken coop, I'll have one of these!

Rhode Island Red Chicken -Best of the dual purpose layers -Tendency to be more aggressive -Winter layer


Gotta love a purple chicken :) . (If I ever get some chickens, I will colour them in al my favourite colours.

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Chicken Breeds Guide - Photos and breed information for every standard breed of chicken, together with hybrids.

Trying to add in Cuckoo (or even Copper) Marans, they lay the very darkest chocolate brown eggs. (often speckled?)

Marans are "chocolate eggers" meaning their eggs are a deep chocolate brown color. Eggs of the Black Copper variety--and to a lesser extent, the Silver Cuckoo--are usually the darkest of all, and are highly sought after!