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ca. 1850, “Albert Pritchard Root Asleep by the Flag”, Marcus Aurelius Root

ca “Albert Pritchard Root Asleep by the Flag”, Marcus Aurelius Root. It might be a post mortem photo.

Daguerreotype from Civil War period. Love her determined little face.

18 Vintage Photos of Very Cranky Kids

One of the most beautiful children's portraits I've ever seen, especially from this era.

Photoshop is horribly misused, but it does have it's uses. It excavated this lovely little girl's image from the shadows.

Augusta Currie Bradhurst Field... rocking the Leia buns in the 1850s. The "off-the-shoulder" style of dress was briefly popular with children's dresses until people criticized the ridiculousness of the style on children.

Antebellum formal portrait (pre-Civil War) - 1854 - of a young girl dressed in tartan. Her name is Augusta Currie Bradhurst Field. The photographer is named Quinby.