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Mass Effect (Female Shepard) by TheJTizzle

Mass Effect Pepakura File Archive.

Dock D 24 _ remake 1 by fishbone76

Dock D 24 _ remake 1

The Mass Effect 2 Crew Concept Art, by Benjamin Huen ... see http://benjaminhuen.blogspot.sg/

Stunning Mass Effect Portraits (And Dragon Age on a Leash)

Samantha Traynor Wallpaper by Kanagosa.deviantart.com on @deviantART

A wallpaper featuring Samantha Traynor.

This is exactly how I feel when I'm driving that stupid Mako! I can just imagine the conversations Shepherd and Garrus would have back on the Normandy when he's trying to fix all the damage from her driving. :-D

yeah I kinda suck at mako driving. There is no way my team would let my shepperd drive, but as I continue to suck troughout the entire game all I can. Mass Effect: The Mako

ME2: Check-up by *hanaraad on deviantART

Unlike Star Trek and most fantasy settings, different sentient species are NOT capable of producing hybrid offspring in Mass Effect.

"Thresher maw getting closer." "Tell me something I don't know!" "metal in truck excellent iron supplement for Thresher worm's diet." #masseffect #wrex #mordin

"Thresher maw getting closer." "metal in truck excellent iron supplement for Thresher worm's diet.

Mass Effect - I've literally burst into tears thinking about how I will never love a game series the way I love this one.

EA's BioWare touches on new Mass Effect, new IP at E3