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Wine humor #quote {wine glass writer}

Wine humor #quote {wine glass writer}


Quotes from Mitsuo Aita "You could not, or did not. You know the answer why"

Застав мужа с любовницей, Роза скандалить не стала. Сказала: - Сядьте поближе друг к другу. Я вас сфотографирую. На памятник.

Ceramic heads by Sarah Saunders (Imaginative Bloom)

driftwood art for home decor

Wooden sculptures in the shape of Lynn Muir people or what can be made of wood

Pastel ladies

According to my brother, my style is "granny chic" which may be the gayest thing he's ever said. If that means I get to be these ladies when I get old, I am proudly granny chic.

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Sarah Saunders guy and man ceramic sculpture Ceramic heads by Sarah Saunders