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J.R. Liggett's Old-Fashioned Bar Shampoo. It's got old-timey, Vermont-country-store appeal, but this shampoo-meets-soap-brick delivers serious results, too: It gets rid of buildup like nothing else; it's really long lasting ( the bar dries out quickly after each use); and it smells pleasantly herby. $6 @ jrliggett.com

Scalp And Dandruff Treatments by JR Liggett's JR Liggett's - Old-Fashioned Shampoo Bar Tea Tree Oil Formula

Lush's shampoo bars are AWESOME. When I travel, I get the Karma Komba bar- it smells heavenly, and you can use it as an all-in-one over your body. LOVE.

Lush's shampoo bars are AWESOME. When I travel, I love the one with seaweed! It makes my hair super shiny! The only downside is that my tub has chunks of seaweed in the drain!

Homemade Lavender Lotion Bars

Homemade Lavender Lotion Bars

If you are looking for a little skin soothing, this recipe for homemade lavender lotion bars recipe is perfect. Light and soothing, it& a winter skin favorite.

How to make shampoo bars. She tells you how to make it both as a hot-process or cold-process soap.

Basic Shampoo Bar Recipe 4 ounces castor oil 2 ounces jojoba oil 4 ounces sunflower oil 3 ounces palm oil 1 ounce cocoa butter 8 ounces coconut oil 8 ounces distilled water 3 ounces lye to 1 ounce essential oils at trace


The Ultimate List of Healthy 52 Homemade Face Mask Recipes for Women

Not the easiest link to get to, so: 1 gelatin envelope without fragrances or dyes (using only 1 teaspoon) and a few teaspoons of milk. Get rid of blackheads in 15 minutes with a natural mask

Nutrition Stripped for SPRY living | 4 all natural beauty DIY

4 All-Natural DIY Beauty Products

Think you need to shell out hundreds of cold, hard cash on pricey beauty creams and designer shampoos? Turns out, the best all-natural skincare products

Soap for dry skin

Three Butter Lotion Bar- moisturizing rich cocoa, shea and mango butters!

Aprovecha esta valiosa oportunidad de comprar tus #jabonesnaturales #alpormayor en precios realmente bajos. ¡No esperes mas!

Handmade Organic Bar Soap Made in Vermont - Handmade soap is good for YOUR sensitive skin It takes nearly a month to handcraft a bar of Vermont Soap. Only this 250 year old process yields a bar of soap suitable for the most sensitive skin. Vermont So

How to Make Soap Using Raw Honey and Beeswax! These bars are perfect for use on the body and hair!

A Recipe for Raw Honey Shampoo and Body Bars. "Raw honey and beeswax provide a super effective, germ-killing barrier that improve the health of our skin and hair by locking in moisture and protecting against environmental contaminates." cp with lye

6 Amazing Home Remedies For Ulcers

Ulcer also known as peptic ulcer is a disease which is like erosion in the area of stomach, esophagus and duodenum. Generally ulcers are caused due to gastric