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The last one tho hahaha

I would bring you Ryan Gosling.but if he was busy, I'd still bring the cake, cat, and the balloons. (the friends i wish i had, but i got stuck at the first picture and never found those awesome people)

This is the best thing in all of creation. Read down to the very end because this is gold!!!

Avengers and Frozen swap. << I'm just laughing so hard because the one of frozen becoming avengers was basically what happened to my friend and me

People that are having a worse day than you. hahaha this is fantastic---so sad, but FANTASTIC!!!

Unless you're in one of these pictures. Then MOST of these people are having a much worse day than you. View "All of These People Are Having a Much Worse Day Than You Are" and more funny posts on CollegeHumor

You only had one job!!

Oh gosh the transformer xD xD But there is something right. canada is from America, America isn't just USA, America is our continent. not a country! That's why the bottle says "american pride"

Boys and Period and Tampons...

Boys and Period and Tampons...

A guy buys tampons for his girlfriend.>>>>> hahhahaha OMG not just any guy are you fucking serious it's fucking buying tampons for their gf's 😂💕

Srinivasrao (@Sriniva65829851) | Twitter The rock looking more like the

Dwayne The Rock Johnson is 255 pounds standing with Sun Ming Ming in China, the tallest basketball player. Let that sink in, my friends.