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Body Pump Class: Weight Guide *this is the weight of the plates combined (not including the 1-2 lb bar weight) Warm-up: 10 lb. (5 pound plate on both sides of the bar) Squats: 30 lb. (heaviest weight of the class) Chest: 10 lb. Back: 20 lb. Triceps: 12 lb. Biceps: 10 lb. Lunges/Hamstrings: 20 lb. Shoulders: 10 lb. Abs: 10 lb

This ridiculous looking fish is often ridiculed by sea lions. The sea lions can't really eat them due to their extremely tough skin. Instead, they bounce them back and forth like a volley ball. "Mom the sea lions used me as a frizbee again waaaahhhh" *ridiculous fish

The heaviest weight you may pick up is your own ass from the sofa.