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Inky Dogs

Sarah Jacoby Illustration: art for books, magazines, sweaters, anything.


Feel Winter (Prints & Patterns) The pins on this board all display various home decorating techniques. Each is a different style, but together they are all components of interior home design.

Textile Patterns, Design Patterns, Pattern Print, Print Patterns, Grounds, Showroom, Polka Dots, Colours, Stamping

Arrows for days.

pattern by Ashley Goldberg / pattern / graphic design / illustration / web design / pretty - patterns that I might use

I love this random style of pattern - like nodes in a network, star constellations or data visualisation.

William Pittman Andrews

nodes connected by black lines, could leave it is it is for simplicity, incorporating it into a sleeve portion; alternatively have it as a sleeve/calf with the spaces coloured very brightly. This reminds me of constellations.