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I know this is how me and my friends are : )

friends will call and ask to hang out, tell you you're pretty, let you eat the last chip. best friends will show up at your house without even asking, call you ugly when your hair is messed up, grab the last chip and yell "sucker!

id be the sorter one tho!!! NO ME MORGIE! :)... barley!!!! @Deon Marion Dibley... @Morgan Carr YOU STILL REMIND ME OF IT DAILY! ;)

I'm tall for my age and I have a best friend who is five inches shorter than me. So hey every tall person needs a short best friend. I already have mine and she gonna be my last best friend (:


I am the one who is ssmiling at my friend who just had their crush walk in the room:)!

LOL! So true! Even though you already know your working together...smh. Weirdos these days. :D <3em

When you're in class and the teacher says "Find a partner" You look at your friend like. And your friend looks at you like. All day every day

2-stroke lover

College Bucket List

Two-, Three-, or Five-Hour Photo-Booth Rental with Setup from Snap Time Photobooths (Up to Off)

Can't unsee.

Can't unsee.

I didn't before, but now I can't see anything else, damn it! Some things you just can't unsee!

thoughts when i'm on my period

thoughts when i'm on my period

Funny pictures about What girls think during their period. Oh, and cool pics about What girls think during their period. Also, What girls think during their period.

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That's my life a lot of the time now that I live in Australia. All the Aussie accents are tough to understand at times.especially when they talk fast!