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Beautiful Passion Flower

Passion flower - natural art in the garden We have these in the yard. The vines go everywhere-lol! The fruit is delish. We have to pollinate them ourselves with a feather since there are only a few bees here on Oahu.

Purple Aster Flower~Gorgeous Deep Purple, looks like Velvet~❥

Kumihimo color inspiration - fab colors, combinations and palettes: Purple Aster Flower~Gorgeous Deep Purple, looks like Velvet~❥

Sunflower hybrid called "Coconut Ice"

Sunflower hybrid called "Coconut Ice"


Pink orchids and butterfly - Orchid & butterflies, what a lovely pairing; Look at God's amazing design in camouflaging this butterfly!

Sparaxis tricolor,

My picture for September some really bright Sparaxis flowers or Harlequin Flowers

Gallardia a.k.a. Blanket Flower is used for dry, sunny areas.

Blanket Flower – Daisy-like flowers are red with yellow margins. Plants grow 10 to 14 inches tall with gray-green, hairy leaves. Grows best in full sun in well-drained soil. Photo shown: Gaillardia xgrandiflora ‘Kobold’.