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Religion, It's in the Bible, Bible Verse, Deuteronomy, Women, Bigotry, Sexism, Misogyny, Rape,  Virginity, Marriage, Biblical Marriage, Divorce, Morality, Humans are NOT Property. Is it ever right to force a rape victim to marry her rapist? God thought so. Punish the victim! Yes, that's bronze-age religious morals.

Whether jews, christians or Muslims, they all want to control and punish rape victims! Either grow up or die.

Awkward Moments Children's Bible vol. 1-- hilarious truth about the Bible!  I must own this.

Biblical morality is literally absurd. From the Awkward Moments Childrens Bible

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Yeah, read your bibles, shut your holes, and make me a sandwich. *grunts*

7 Shocking Bible Verses You Probably Won't Hear In Church Basically: “Thou shalt maketh me a sandwich.

We must obey cause God says so. It's in the Book, Amen ! [Not]

What sick parent would sell his daughter into slavery? And the excuse is "oh well that was a long time ago, we dont do that anymore" errr. religion absolute not subjective

Other gods??

The Bible says to kill people who commit apostasy, and for many centuries Christians have done so

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According to the bible lobster should be avoided the other three are A-OK!

got a kick out of this. It's for you and you know who you are...

Misogyny is at the heart of all modern religions. [Men wrote the laws for Islam, Judism, and Christianity in order to control women.