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The Spooky Isles is a dedicated to horror supernatural in the UK Ireland, including ghost stories, horror films and haunted and mysterious places!

17 Creepy London Walks You Must Take

I am phenomenally in love with the paranormal - it's become part of who I am. The history that is present in so many ghost stories - its wonderful and tragic, and magical all at once. I love Ghost Walks, because I love learning about the quirky, little known, history of large urban areas. I want to find as many haunted places in London as I can - adventure awaits!

Jack the Ripper Tour and London Ghost Walk. I've done both of these. They can be pretty fun. There are also haunted pub crawls, if you want to get your drink on. : P

Ten seriously spooky locations in London

Tunnel - The long tunnel, only strip lighting always threatening to go out causes a fear of the dark which has inhabited humans as a natural instinct. This instinct comes from fear of nocturnal predators. (timeout, 2013)

The Top 10 London Restaurants With a View

View from Sushi Samba in London | voted one of London's top 10 restaurants with a view!

Haunted London

n London, it's not the grave yards but the castles that crawling with spirits. The most haunted them all? The Tower of London -- where "off with her head" wasn't just a saying, it was reality.

Haunted London

This cheery pub may not look like it, but the Grenadier is known as one of the most haunted pubs in London.