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tired old house and they are dying because people can't afford to maintain them, or pay the taxes on them. And there is not enough money from historic preservation groups to help those of us who would love to restore them.

34 Forgotten Homes Sitting Peacefully Alone In The World

abandoned mansion along old route 15 in the Southern Tier in New York between Corning, NY and Mansfield, PA

An Abandoned Mall In Ohio *O.O They could totally use that as a set for  "The Last of Us" live-action movie (If they are going to make it and add "Left Behind" in it )*

An Abandoned Mall In Ohio

Rolling Over: Rolling Acres Mall, one-time "World's Largest Shopping Center" ~ Abandoned Decay

Decaying books in an abandoned manor home.

Decaying books in an abandoned manor home.someone should love them, care for them, read them!

Late Night Randomness (29 Photos) - April 24, 2015 - Suburban Men - April 24…

Late Night Randomness (29 Photos)

"Dead End".by Keith Alexander South African visual artist. Martin Luther is a steam locomotive abandoned in the desert of the Skeleton Coast outside of the town of Swakopmund, Africa

Abandoned farm House in Ontario Canada A Black by RandyNyhofPhotos, $35.00

Title: Gothic Abandoned Farm House In Ontario Canada / Artist: Randall Nyhof / Medium: Photography

Don't Catch a Falling Knife

Silent Keys ~~ Old, Forgotten Piano sits at the bottom of a Beautiful Staircase in an abandoned building. So sad the piano was forgotten! I would just love to fix it up and play a symphony on it!

1343 kellam | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

1343 Kellam Street, Angelino Heights section of Los Angeles,CA Looks like the house on Psycho!

st. bernadette cathedral church philadelphia pa - matthew christopher murray's abandoned america

derelictmetropolis: (via st. bernadette cathedral church philadelphia pa - matthew christopher murray’s abandoned america)

Death of a Grand Dame / After the Blitz by Ken@JBM, via Flickr

"Death of a Grand Dame" . Miniature of a grand Georgian home that was bombed during World War II by Kenneth Haseltine

Mike Tyson's abandoned mansion--Why can't this be turned into a group home for troubled teens or for those being freed from human trafficking? Oh to hit the lottery and be able to do that!

Tyson owned this Ohio mansion in the late and it’s currently possessed by the Feds. Paul Monea, a career con-artist and Tae-Bo infome.