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Tha Abandoned Garage - just plain painful to look at. I'll take the wagon.

I can almost hear the sound of the chain cranking as the car is lifted up the first hill. Creepiness

Abandoned amusement park Life always finds a way to blossom anywhere

Australia awesome picture Train road wow túnel Abandoned Falls | Sydney, Australia by Cat. M on Flickr

On the Rails

symbol of door to Hell (the abandoned Helensburgh railroad tunnel in Australia; it was opened in 1889 and abandoned in

Amazing abandoned building.

(Don't tell anyone) But have always wanted to make a Christmas display with a Steampunk look. I like the columns and framework here.

All aboard an abandoned restaurant ship - Canada

All aboard the abandoned restaurant ship Captain John's Seafood. Built in 1957 in Yugoslavia, opened in 1975 and ordered closed by the city in The ship was carted away for scrap this past spring in Toronto.

Another one that appears sound. I wonder where it is? The front room there, with all the windows is where I would spend all my time, I bet.

Old Farm House & Red Ivy Vines, 70 Abandoned Old Buildings. left alone to decay

Glen Echo Plantation. Glen Echo is a historic plantation near Ellabelle, Georgia, United States. The house was built circa 1773 and is an early example of Plantation Plain style. Records show that the land of Glen Echo Plantation was granted in the colonial era through a King's grant to a member of the Bird family.

Glen Echo, built is located in Southeastern Georgia. It was built in the style of a plantation plain house.

Eerie and beautiful. That there are such places in the world is a wondrous thing, indeed.


Jean Marie Poumeyrol Jean-Marie Poumeyrol (born is a French artist. Much of his early work consisted of e.

boblo island amusement park canada - I have been there....so sad that it's abandoned now.

Boblo Island Amusement Park & Ferry Dock can be found on the lower portion of Bois Blanc Island (commonly referred to as Boblo Island), just below Sunset Court Road, in Amherstburg, Ontario, Canada.