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When you have nothing you have to be creative. - This African craftsman is so talented at recycling old tires into shoes that he will even measure your feet and make a pair that fits your feet exactly, to the millimeter.

Some awesome facts…

Some awesome facts…

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interesting...have to make sure I try this on the husband.

People are 50 percent more likely to agree to do what you ask if you speak into their right ear and lightly touch their forearm.

Blue Eyes- the geneology is interesting

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Dead camelthorn trees, Acacia erioloba, Dead Vlei, Sossusvlei, Namib-Naukluft National Park, Namibia. Image by Frans Lanting.

Camel Thorn Trees, Photograph by Frans Lanting, National Geographic. Tinted orange by the morning sun, a soaring dune is the backdrop for the hulks of camel thorn trees in Namib-Naukluft Park.

Halve An Apple With Your Bare Hands. Wait until you see what I can do to the heads of my enemies.

Easy Party Tricks To Impress Your Friends This Summer

Funny pictures about How to halve an apple with your bare hands. Oh, and cool pics about How to halve an apple with your bare hands. Also, How to halve an apple with your bare hands.

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You can tell from the statue of a mounted horseman how the rider died. If all fourof the horses feet are on the ground, he died of natural causes. One foot raised means he died from wounds suffered in battle. Two legs raised means he died in action

There has been some debate to the authentic nature of this claim where buck became interchangeable with one dollar. Essentially, from everything I've read what I have been able to determine is that 1 buckskin was a high value barter item. So from our pioneer days and trading with the Natives, the word "buck" came to mean the same as our own currency, or 1 buckskin = 1 dollar. A dollar has been called a "buck" as early as the 1820's.  Yeah, I might be from Ohio and I just might be an avid OSU…

Did you know? When Michigan was a young territory, deer were so common and hunting such a part of life, that deer skins or whole deer were used as money. A deer carcass was worth a dollar, and hence, the dollar became known for what it was worth - a buck.

Man claims the only unclaimed land to make his daughter a princess - WTF fun facts

- A man claimed the only unclaimed habitable area left on earth, Bir Tawil, so that his daughter could be a real princess.

Sweden is the best recycling country - WTF fun facts - one more reason we need to more like Sweden.

Got Trash? Apparently Sweden doesn’t because of its successful recycling program. In fact, they need more trash because they turn it into energy. According to Fast Company: “Sweden’s waste.

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The Odds of your Baby’s Eye Color< I take issue with it saying of having a green eyed child from a brown eyed and blue eyed pairing. My daughter has green eyes, I have brown, her dad has ice blue.