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Experience the Joy! Learn deeply what nature has to teach you. Sept 18-23, 2016 The Expanding Light Retreat, Northern California

DEAD OR ALIVE HERE THEY ARE - GRATITUDE IS SEXY! Yesterday Dad announced that he wanted this to be a slightly different Christmas Automatically Mum and I raised an eyebrow then turned around in interest to see what crazy idea he had come up with now! Dad went on to say that he wanted to have a ceremony this Christmas For everyone dead or alive that each of us were grateful for. He wanted us to go round and share who they were and why we were grateful for them. Naturally with my…

In this week's Rhythmic Inspiration, Jane shares what the Feminine Art of Listening actually is, why it's so important for women to learn how to listen more deeply to come back to their natural rhythm and how the tools of nature and creativity can help us do that. http://www.rhythmincolour.com

You have a tendency to worry, and need to learn to control this tendency. You are also shy and don't share your feelings with others. You do, however, love to take care of others and want to find someone who takes care of you in return. You have a deeply spiritual nature and a love of art and beauty.

"Figuring it out takes paying attention and listening deeply to what brings you peace and joy. Pursuing it takes seeking to learn more about what drives you and fills you up. Becoming it takes practice – self-reflection, repetition, habit, and embodiment. Expressing it takes allowing what is naturally inside you the freedom to share itself with others."

Earthing aka Grounding, has grown into a vibrant movement of health conscious individuals, passionate about healing, feeling great, and connecting deeply with nature. Join our community, stay in touch, get inspired and share with us! Learn more @ www.grounded.com

Observing, celebrating and performing rituals for Full and New moons is something I've been doing since 2013. I rarely miss a moon and these practices have allowed me to connect more deeply to myself, to nature, to the natural rhythms of my body and the cosmos. Women ask me all the time what specifically I do for these, in this podcast episode I share what I've learned, what I love to practice, and my favorite resources to help develop your own practices.

In the Master of Education program, you are encouraged to think deeply about the complex nature of education. You should be committed to energizing your teaching and to building collegial relationships with other professionals who share common goals, commitments, and professional questions. You should also be committed to growing in the skills of writing, critical thinking, and collaborative learning.

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