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And for my next trick... Derren Brown is keeping his cards close to chest about his latest stage show, 'Infamous'

Derren Brown - Mentalist and illusionist

Derren Brown- He scares me so bad I feel sick. lol

Derren Brown Kings Theatre 2010 with Bobert

I love Derren Brown's art and this is a particular favourite - Sophia Loren. If I had a dressing room, I would hang this in it..

Sophia Loren by Derren Brown

Derren Brown is pretty cool.

ohhh get Derren being all profound ; he is soooo right on!

‘Patrick Hughes’ acrylic on canvas 2011

Derren Brown, ‘Patrick Hughes’ acrylic on canvas 2011

It's really that easy to manipulate someone. With the right messenger you can get anyone to believe anything. That's why it's important people guard themselv...

Derren Brown- Fear and Faith: God Illusion. Derren demonstrates how god/religious/supernatural beliefs derive from the human mind/imagination without an external source.

Jack Nicholson by Derren Brown. As if I needed another reason to admire him - as well as being an uber brain, the bastard can paint too!

sweet pic of jack S.

Dame Judi Dench (by Derren Brown)

Derren Brown Art website

A caricature of Dame Judi Dench, by Derren Brown

Derren Brown, he can paint, he can mess with your mind... genius! ‘Self’ acrylic on canvas 2011

‘Self’ acrylic on canvas 2011 Derren Brown

Derren Brown. LOVELY guy.

I would choose DB over an imaginary sky daddy any day

Derren Brown - Miracles for Sale (Full) - YouTube

Miracles for Sale. British illusionist Derren Brown trains a man to be a televangelist, to show just how easily groups of people can be manipulated into thinking they've had a spiritual experience. What a great documentary.

Caricaturas de famosos de Derren Brown,Brat Pitt

Brad Pitt caricature by Derren Brown

Derren Brown - Hypnotist, Illusionist, Body language reader, Physchologist, Entertainer and major mind fucker with cool

Booking agent for Derren Brown - Famous Mentalist & Illusionist

Derren Brown - Mentalist, Magician, Mastermind, Hypnotist and a great guy.

Derren Brown: magician, hypnotist, mind fiddler, writer, painter

Derren Brown, artist and entertainer extraordinaire

Matt Damon    Artist: Derren Brown    website: http://derrenbrown.co.uk

Matt Damon by Derren Brown