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Palitra Studio. Art Factory EDUCATION #ClippedOnIssuu

Palitra Studio. Art Factory EDUCATION

'Cry Me A River' - Nguyen Thanh Nhan {contemporary art geometric female head black woman face portrait illustration detail}

Except, it does, River Song. It ends with him not having a clue as to who you are, and your mind being downloaded onto the mainframe of a Library Planet that is about to be evacuated. :{ <<<<< Accept when Clara jumps into the time steam you see that she goes to the Library. Why would she go there? The doctor didn't almost die there. RIVER did. My guess is Clara KNOWS he needs her and went to save River.

Love this pic- River Song/Melody Pond is my favourite ever Dr Whocharacter, with Clata in second!

Cry me a River Painting - Erin Ashley

Autumn Stream Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Leonid Afremov

"Engagement Box. Umm, say yes!" - This is wonderful! :D

There is nothing more romantic in my book than when one geek proposes to another geek in some really geeky way. I have posted a bunch of geeky proposals and engagement rings and ring boxes in the past but I Read More .

It's hard for me because you're completely okay with breaking people and leaving them. I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I broke you like you've broken me, it's hard because I don't believe in giving up on people I love, even if they just fucking hurt me a lot sometimes. You're different though, if Cody did what you fucking did I would've blocked him on everything then never talked to him ever again. I have a line I draw with people and how much shit I'll take and you passed it by a…

Crumble life: I will marry your pieces poem 34 written by Christopher Poindexter

Writing Prompt - Use the lyrics of your favorite song as the basis for a short story.

Use lyrics of your favorite song to write a letter to your parent/child. A good get to know you activitiy The Sarcastic Muse Writing Prompts: Photo

Sunday Scripture: Psalms 56:8

Sunday Scripture: Psalms 56:8

“You keep track of all my sorrows. You have collected all my tears in Your bottle. You have recorded each one in Your book” (Psalm NLT) Do you know how important you are to God? He cares so much about every detail of your life. He cares about your