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All Newest - Pixdaus | Playing fetch in the Pacific.. By: seema

All Newest - Pixdaus

Golden Retriever Fetch The Stick Photograph

Golden Retreiver dog fetching the stick in the beautiful green waters on a summer day. Copyright by Jennie Marie Schell.

Here's How Colors Look to "Color-Blind" Dogs

In Case You Were Wondering: Here's How Colors Look to "Color-Blind" Dogs

The Psychology of Dogs

What's in a Dog's Mind Info-Graph What’s in a dog’s mind? That has been the age old question that man has had about the lovable canine.

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Sam - Summer is a great time to be a dog! | Henry Fradley

❦ There’s nothing more scarry than a wet dog. "Stay back, stay back. I love you too boy.Great, now I smell like a wet dog.

playing in the snow-my lab loves to do this too

Ha - ha - Ha - Ha - heeheehee - Ha - ha - ha - Oh my goodness! Heeheehee - ha - Ha - can't stop laughing!

Pastor holandes jc_bull27@hotmail.com

Pastor holandes jc_bull27@hotmail.com

Bulldog americano, EEUU

Bulldog americano, EEUU

Look at that look. Ooohhhhhh, someone is about to be pounced on. Weeeeeeeee!

this dog looks like my Molly who is in canine heaven,,love this photo