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Callum Ross: Selected works - Thisispaper Magazine

The photography of Callum Ross appears, at first glance, to capture a moment of calm. As we sit with the image, a tension arises and conveys a sense of ant

Title: Boys in a Pasture, 1874 Artist: Winslow Homer Medium: Canvas Print

Boys in a Pasture, 1874 by Winslow Homer

Winslow Homer - Boys in a Pasture, 1874 - Boston Museum of Fine Arts

Rebecca Warren

Artist page for Rebecca Warren. Includes Biography, Selected Works, Books, Posters and associated Exhibitions.

// Cy Twombly

Comprehensive collection of more than 200 images of artist's works with biography, articles, bibliography and exhibition information.

jmjammy:  Ken Price

Reference archive for The Studio of the Immaculate Heart (SOIH) - design & art direction & illustration.


foxesinbreeches: David Larcher for Oz magazine, Issue 4 [crop] / Embodied