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Robert De Niro And Martin Scorsese | 72 Celebrities Hanging Out And Being Awesome

1976 - Actor Robert DeNiro and director Martin Scorcese on the set of Taxi Driver

Robert De Niro หนึ่งในนักแสดงที่ดีที่สุดที่ใน Hollywood

TAXI DRIVER - Robert DeNiro as cab driving vigilante "Travis Bickle" - Directed by Martin Scorsese - Columbia Pictures - Movie Still.

Jodie foster and Robert De Niro, Cannes, 1976. I must admit, I have a huge and eternal crush on Jodie Foster.

Jodie Foster & Robert DeNiro at the Cannes Film Festival in 1976 for Taxi Driver

de niro

“ Paul Schrader, who wrote Taxi Driver, recalls that during planning of the film, Robert De Niro admitted he had himself come up with an idea for a similar script seven years earlier.

Robert and Al in the godfather

Al Pacino & Robert De Niro from the classic film (The Godfather II - And yes I'm one of the few people who likes pt.II more then pt.

Robert De Niro, Al Pacino & the Fonz - ahhh, the smile, the beard ... melt - *divebombedintostardust*

wandrlust: “ Robert De Niro and Al Pacino, NY 1982 — Roxanne Lowit ”