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love it... your never too old....

F U Kids We Are Still Young: Tow old people standing with there gears on and have skateboards in their hands with there middle finger up like Fuck you kids we a

Random Radness 478 | Shock Mansion

Best photos of the week Photos) - "The tanks were built on the edge of the city, overlooking the ocean, with barrels taller than I was. We skated in them in the light of the radioactive sunsets, until the smell of gunpowder made us sick.

forgive & forget

skate-to-the-surf: “theperksofbeingsab: “ can i sit next to you ” can i sit on you ”

Steve Rocco, Hermosa Beach, CA. 1987. Photo: Brittain

Steve Rocco, Hermosa Beach, CA.

Skateboarding on Dust - Photo series by Roberto Alegria. I would really like to use different things like water, dust, fire, food and smoke to bring creativity to the project.

Life is Bliss

Here are 10 most dangerous extreme sports you need to try before you die. or die trying, I should say. Good luck for all of you who are determined to try some


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