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So many versions of I Love Lucy, or the Lucy Show etc. etc. The original was best.

While the others compliment dance, looks, etc. Jimin always compliments something specific and meaningful. Love him <3

also: I've never closed and thrown away my computer as fast as I did after this scene!! yeah he's a fuckboy but .....AAAAAAH (do you get me??) thank you for saying what we all thought William.. sorry...Willhelm

Saturday mornings were full of tripped out shows that I loved! Buggaloos (my personal fave), HR Puffinstuff, Sigmund the SeaMonster, Land of the Lost, Electra Woman and Dyna Girl, etc., etc.....

3rd Trailer For Issa Rae's TV Show 'Insecure'

This is not a test. Regardless of whether you have HBO or not, Issa Rae wants you to be able to join conversations about her hit new series Insecure. The