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FAST-Signs and Symptoms of Stroke

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Pay attention... It's a disease 10 years in the making!

The symptoms may be silent. Diabetes is a disease that damage without obvious clinical signs and symptoms. It’s a disease that slowly and relentlessly affects every organ in your body while not alw…

Understanding Diabetes Infographic

Understanding Type 2 Diabetes anatomy poster lists symptoms, risk factors, ways to control diabetes type showing glucose molecules and cell. Endocrinology chart for doctors and nurses.

Even artichokes have hearts., Stroke - CVA - Signs & Symptoms o   Headache o  ...

Stroke - CVA - Signs & Symptoms o Headache o Mental Status Changes § Confusion § Disorientation § Memory Impairment o Aphasia § CVA left hemisphere o Respiratory problems § (↓ neuromuscular control o.

Spinal Nerve Function-L4-5-S1 all control the parts of me that are jacked up...Nice to have a colorful little diagram to see it all on!

If your spine is out of alignment, a nerve will be pinched causing the symptoms in the right column. Maximized Living Docs can straighten spine & help body heal itself & function at the way God intended. The human body is so amazing! www.

He is Tired / Cold and Clammy need some candy

He is Tired / Cold and Clammy need protein, healthy fat, complex carbs

Stroke.  Could you spot a stroke if you saw one? http://www.pinterest.com/wghoots/nursing-student/

National Stroke Alert Day is May My dad had one at work a few yrs ago. I have nightmares frequently that this is the cause of my migraines