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Dionisio Heiderscheid Naked In The Wild | Gay body blog - featuring photos of male models and beautiful men.

If they say your hair is gay, gasp dramatically & say "well thank you!!! It IS fabulous, isn't it?"

well technically Dan gave Phil a piggy back ride at one of the TATINOF shoes so...

Everything great happens in October... I was born in October

tomhardyvariations: “““I enjoy the nuttery in my work. So that’s probably why when somebody goes, ‘Do you want to plan another loony?’ I go, ‘Yeah, I would actually, yeah.’ There’s a part of me that wants to do different stuff, but there’s a part of...

I have the explanation: a fleet of albino teletubies invade earth and screw shit up so everything goes down hill. Luckily Italy's like "ne ne papa mother fuckers I got a marker", and they all live happily ever after.

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Adam Lambert One of my all time favorite singers. He has inspired my life in many ways and I am grateful for his music.