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Still shopping! Love this multi-colored vintage beauty: Saddle Up For Spain This Summer

that board!

The long board. When I was in my teens and I really wanted a Long Board. So fun.

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Bohemian Grove during the summer Hi-Jinks, circa - Bohemianism -

Ireland Packing

Ireland Packing Checklist

Queenstown Story Luggage, Cobh, originally uploaded by fhwrdh. I leave for Ireland this week, and I thought I'd share my pre-Ireland trip checklist. CARRY ON LUGGAGE Passport - be sure.

Interview with Dublin's skate legend Clive Rowan

Meet Clive: The Godfather of Irish Skateboarding

Interview with Dublin's skate legend Clive Rowan

Locals flock to the beaches when temperatures soar in Dublin

Enjoy the Irish summer at Dublin’s top beaches (PHOTOS)

Some great considerations to help you put together a lightweight walking kit for the Camino de Santiago. Remember, if walking in colder months you will need to add some essential items in your sleeping kit and warmer layers of clothing.

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