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Cutest Baby Eyes Ever!<<< ok I HATE children (babies) but how can you hate something so beautiful?

(1) Disgustingly beautiful award-winning pictures - Imgur

Disgustingly beautiful award-winning pictures

The fox was bathing in the snowflakes in Japan's Shiretoko National Park. # © Hiroki Inoue / 2016 National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year

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Not an arctic fox, but a marble-phase red fox (Vulpes vulpes), a color morph only found in captive bred foxes.

La volpe del deserto

La volpe del deserto

Corsac Fox: does not dig its own burrows, but most of the time it takes over other animals' burrows

CORSAC FOX, also called steppe fox.found in the semi-deserts and steppes of central and north east Asia

Pinkchampagne Fox

A PINK FOX! An actual really real pink fox. They're called champagne pink to be exact. I am gonna look up more about them, but one thing I've learned is that they are NOT an albino version of the red fox, but just a very rare color gene.


The beautiful Arctic Marble Fox is an animal that is bred and sold solely for profit. This "man-made" coloration does not normally occur in the wild, and is a product of human intervention. Keep 'em wild;